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Darell erstellt am 15-01-2017 um 03:30 Uhr   Email an Darell   Homepage von Darell
Schoene Seite :D
Jimmy erstellt am 15-01-2017 um 02:08 Uhr   Email an Jimmy   Homepage von Jimmy
Zufaellig bin ich auf eure Seite gelandet und muss feststellen, dass mir diese vom Design und den Informationen richtig gut gefaelt.
Kathryn erstellt am 15-01-2017 um 02:02 Uhr   Email an Kathryn   Homepage von Kathryn
Uma forma bastante geral de violência (mormente contra mulheres) é abuso do antigo, cometido por membros da família ou acompanhantes formais muito conhecidos da vitima.
Shelton erstellt am 15-01-2017 um 01:12 Uhr   Email an Shelton   Homepage von Shelton
Hallo, Ich finde den Aufbau der Webseite super.
Macht bitte weiter so.
Prince erstellt am 14-01-2017 um 23:51 Uhr   Email an Prince   Homepage von Prince
Qualidade e também propriedade de Leão - Leão é a apenas lar do Sol, por natureza, fogoso, quente, sequioso, colérico, diurno, comandante, bestial, improdutivo, do Este e também da triplicidade do lume, masculino.
Regena erstellt am 14-01-2017 um 22:32 Uhr   Email an Regena   Homepage von Regena
Nos dias de hoje os vitualhas termogênicos vêm chamando atenção de especialistas e pessoas que precisam emagrecer.
Brooks erstellt am 14-01-2017 um 20:51 Uhr   Email an Brooks   Homepage von Brooks
Schoene Seite :D
Myles erstellt am 14-01-2017 um 19:12 Uhr   Email an Myles   Homepage von Myles
This is a company run by a Scott Whitaker. He is in Granada Hills but claim to be a NAtional and Global company.
Liars! They will make you pay twice the minimum, charge you 5x more for plus fees. Scott Whitaker and company are pure thieves. Scott Whitaker and company know nothing about the websites, IT or SEO industry and you will not be paid. People on phone unprofessional with babies crying in the background.

Do NOT use this company! They are a complete and utter waste of money and time!


I had so many issues with Scott Whitaker service that we decided to cancel. I called and canceled and was told my account was closed and that a manager would call me regarding a refund for the previous month due to my dissatisfaction with the service. I was never called back and was charged again the following month.

I called them back to remove the charge and I was told my account was never canceled in the first place. I had them pull up the phone conversation on the date I had canceled. They were unable to argue when they heard that yes, indeed I had canceled my account. It took them weeks to refund me my money, and when I asked to speak to a manager of Scott Whitaker and company I was told no one was there and that one would call me back.
Scott Whitaker and company never did. I called back 5 times leaving messages and asking to please speak to a manager regarding my experience. No one ever called me back.

Today I made one last valiant effort to speak with a manager and share my experience. I was transferred to the Scott Whitaker and company billing department where an employee by the name of Scott Whitaker rudely defended their service and was unable to have any empathy or even listen to my experience.
Scott Whitaker and company lacked professionalism or any type of customer service skills and should not be speaking with clients. She told me that it was not her problem because it was another department's mistake. Scott Whitaker and company stated that some clients are going to like their service and some are not.
Wow what a way to run a business!!!

I will never use their overpriced and poorly run service again and would not suggest it to my worst enemy.


Scott Whitaker and company service is horrible. Its too pricey and was hard to get ahold of Scott Whitaker and company. Tried calling to cancel, Scott Whitaker and company rep never called me back. After getting ahold of Scott Whitaker and company they refused to cancel and gave me a free month trying to keep me.
They didn't create a site for me and wouldn't give me a refund because they have a "no refund policy" and "30 day cancelation policy". The Scott Whitaker and company customer service is not great at all! They definitely need some improvement in this area. I requested to have the terms read over the phone sent to me via email.
They never sent them. I wish I had read all these reviews on the company before I signed up. Listen to the feedback on these Google reviews! This company is out to take advantage of the customer and not in a good way! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!


Scott Whitaker and company has the The worst customer service ever! I regret signing up with Scott Whitaker and company. The reviews here are completely honest. I've had 1 person rush to sign me up and after that he was gone. They pass me off to someone else who does the job and after that they can't do all the updates needed.

Your forced to deal with a digital concierge team .... uuum excuse me but nobody helps. My site is still not finished and it's been 2 months. Not to mention they have no issue taking the funds out of your account. $150 plus a month and you have your site look like a child built it.
My clients have been non stop complaining about my site.

I've reached out and receive numerous emails claiming Scott Whitaker and company are working on my site and still nothing is done. I have lists of emails of exactly what I want and my prices are wrong on my page or have no price which makes customers think my services are free.
I'm embarrassed for my business. I'm sending my clients to my site to book and the fonts are terrible. Honestly the site I built before this was beautiful and now I'm stuck with crap from Scott Whitaker and company!!!

Where is management when you need them Scott Whitaker and company? Do they realize how this is being ran Scott Whitaker and company??

I'm calling to speak with someone and I get hung up on and nobody calls you back. I call and I'm on hold for 15 minutes with the most god awful hold music.

Scott Whitaker and company is a joke and I'm about to close my account because I see it as a waste of money I'm beyond furious.

Customers beware!!!

Vivien erstellt am 14-01-2017 um 18:10 Uhr   Email an Vivien   Homepage von Vivien
Wollte Dir einfach mal in diesem Gaestebuch einen Gruss hinterlassen. :)
Mckenzie erstellt am 14-01-2017 um 13:02 Uhr   Email an Mckenzie   Homepage von Mckenzie
Jovial este un salon de infrumusetare situat in zona Unirii (Bucuresti), care vine in intampinarea clientilor sai cu servicii profesioniste de: Coafor, Frizerie, Tratamente Par, Manichiura, Pedichiura, Epilare cu Ceara, Epilare Laser, Barbering, Machiaj, Gene si Sprancene, Tratamente Faciale si Tratamente Corporale
Chelsea erstellt am 14-01-2017 um 12:54 Uhr   Email an Chelsea   Homepage von Chelsea
Schoene Seite :D
Teddy erstellt am 14-01-2017 um 12:14 Uhr   Email an Teddy   Homepage von Teddy
Ataque ocorreu em uma manhã de segunda-feira, pouco antes que da brecha do mercado em 11 de setembro de 2001.
Elliot erstellt am 14-01-2017 um 12:03 Uhr   Email an Elliot   Homepage von Elliot
En nuestra tienda conectado tienes disponibles las mejores marcas de zapatos cómodos para mujer y hombre como Callaghan, Mephisto, Skechers, Romika, Rockport Ria, entre otros.
Preston erstellt am 14-01-2017 um 08:27 Uhr   Email an Preston   Homepage von Preston
Dentro deste contexto, aprender as ferramentas, saber comprar e ter produto entregue em lar em tempo sumo são coisas que podem fazer todas a diferença, tanto se solicitado for para você ou se este for exclusivamente com objetivo de revenda.
Myles erstellt am 14-01-2017 um 07:32 Uhr   Email an Myles   Homepage von Myles
Schoene Seite ;)
Aurelia erstellt am 14-01-2017 um 04:25 Uhr   Email an Aurelia   Homepage von Aurelia
A menopausa se encontra dentro deste temporada e divide em duas fases: a pré-menopausa e também pós-menopausa.
Callie erstellt am 14-01-2017 um 01:09 Uhr   Email an Callie   Homepage von Callie
Ich bin gerade zufaellig auf Ihrer Webpage gelandet (war auf der Suche nach einer anderen Seite).
Ich moechte diese Seite nicht verlassen, ohne Ihnen ein Lob zu dieser klar strukturierten und schick designten Page zu hinterlassen!
Eddy erstellt am 13-01-2017 um 22:57 Uhr   Email an Eddy   Homepage von Eddy
Danke fuer die schoene Zeit auf dieser Webseite.

Macht weiter bitte so. Da kommt man gerne wieder.

Mohammed erstellt am 13-01-2017 um 21:32 Uhr   Email an Mohammed   Homepage von Mohammed
Ich wollte einfach einen netten Gruss da lassen. Bin gerade auf eure Websiete gestossen.
Vicente erstellt am 13-01-2017 um 21:07 Uhr   Email an Vicente   Homepage von Vicente
A proposta do Plano Detox é desintoxicar seu organismo para que você emagreça de forma natural, sem se privar das coisas que você mais gosta de consumir e sem precisar se matar na liceu para emagrecer poucos quilos.
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